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Syed Abubaker MalikiThis page intends to cover as many aspects of Urdu poetry as possible. That includes, apart from great poetry, discussions about great poets, and poems, history of Urdu poetry, various poetry related discussions from Usenet and much more. Clearly, this is an ongoing process. I will try to keep the page as up to date as possible. There is an archive here of interesting information about Urdu Poetry, great articles about it and also great poems. Wherever possible, I have tried not to duplicate the inofrmation. So, many links will take you to a site. Even within this page, there are cross-links to the same resource. This is an intended feature. So you can consider this page as an index to the Web resources related to Urdu Poetry.                                                              

Sahir Ludhianvi Mix Poets Shairi's Page Ahmed Faraz
Allama Iqbal Mir Taqi Mir Kaifi Azmi's Bashir Badr
Jiger Muradabadi Nasir Kazmi Amjad Islam Iftekhar Arif
Ibne Insha Momin Khan Mirza Ghalib Bahadur Shah
Saifuddin Saif ParveenShakir Faiz Ahmed Mustafa Zaidi
Majaz Hafiz Hoshiarpuri Obaidulah Aleem Urdu Dictionary
Urdu Resources Urdu Dictionary

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Urdu Page at Paknet

Pakistani/Indian Music

Chowk,Urdu Magazine

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