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Syed Abubaker Maliki

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Educational Institutions

Anjuman Arts, Science & Commerce College Established in 1968 and conceived by S.M. Haji Syed Mohiddin, this college initially started with only the arts faculty. Science course was introduced in 1969 & commerce in 1975. Prof. S. Nazeer Ahmed was its principal. In the first instance the college was accommodated in the high school building and was later shifted to the new location atop the hillock. The college with 1029 students including 294 girls and 60 staff is just one aspect of the Anjuman. This institution is affiliated to the Karnataka University, Dharwad. The college library has a good collection of books numbering 14,875 and it subscribes to over 50 periodicals. The college has a separate well-equipped laboratory block. Prof.Abdul Rahman is the present principal of this college. 

Anjuman Girls' High School Started in June 1971 in `Farhat Manzil' at Sultan Street with Mrs.Rasheeda Basha as the Head Mistress (she still holds the post) this Anjuman girls' high school was conceived by Messrs. Usman Hasan and S.M. Yahya, then Anjuman's general secretary & now its president. English medium section was introduced in June 1979 and the school now located in the Basti Road has 527 students on its roll and 26 staff.  

Anjuman Nursery and Primary School Attach to the Islamia Anglo High School Anjuman Primary and Nursery school was opened was in August 1973. It was only a primary school then and the nursery section was introduced in June 1981. The Nursery school has 190 students and 677 students are enrolled in the primary section with a total of 25 staff Anjuman Pre-University College For Women Accommodated in the girls high school, the Anjuman Pre-university college for women was started in July 1980. This college has only an arts faculty. The present strength is 86. The staff includes 3 full-timers and 4 part-timers.

Anjuman Engineering College Striving to reach greater height, this professional private un-aided engineering college was established inspite of stiff resistance from a number of people. This is located atop the same hillock where the Anjuman arts, science and commerce college is situated. This college started its innings in Aug 1980. Great efforts were put into the establishment of this professional college, which is the only one of its kind in the entire North Kanara District. Now, the college has five branches, viz., Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication and Computer Science and Engineering. The college's present intake is 250. The college has gained wide recognition for quality engineering education attracting students from all over the country.   

JAMIA ISLAMIA Jamia Islamia, a citadel of Islamic learning is located in Tengingundi, 5 Kms from Bhatkal and the place is called 'Jamiabad'. It is no exaggeration to observe that the Jamia is deeply indebted to Moulana Abdul Hamid Nadvi whose relentless presence paved the way for the birth of this seat of Islamic learning. Embracing about 20 acres, Jamia Islamia now enjoys the pride of place in the map of Karnataka. Out of the 20 acres, 101/2 acres of land were gifted to the Jamia by the legal heirs of Mr. S.M. Syed Meera in 1967, 6 acres of land were taken on lease from the State Govt. and the rest of the land was purchased.   The system of education is traditional and the emphasis is more on imparting religious knowledge. The Jamia Islamia offers a course in Islamic studies in Arabic medium leading to the `Alim' (graduate) degree. The course begins with primary education in a Maktab (elementary school) four years. The Maktabs are located at two places, one at Chowk Bazaar and the other in Navayath Colony. After completion of years, one joins the Jamia Islamia in Jamiabad and after 9 years of successful completion one writes for the final exam to become an `Alim' (religious scholar). This examination is conducted by the Nadwa-tul-ulema, Lucknow to which this institution is affiliated. An S.S.L.C. completed student can join the course at the 7th year of the 9-years course. Apart from religious learning, English, Kannada, Science, etc., are also taught. The Jamia also has made arrangements to produce `huffaz' (plural of hafiz), persons who memories the full text of the Holy Quran.  Jamia has, at present, 367 students on its rolls. It is basically a residential school. Students come here from far-off places like Bihar, Bombay, Kerala & other parts of Karnataka. However, locals constitute about 80% of the strength.  The present campus in Jamia Islamia symbolises love and unity. The sprawling campus has a number of buildings. The main building which is on the eastern side and where classrooms are accommodated has 21 rooms on its ground floor including the office, principal's room and the administrator's room. Construction of the first floor is at present in full swing and is likely to be completed by the end of this year.     The elegant Darut-tahfiz block where the students memorize the holy Qur'an is on the right side after the entrance. About 90 students are presently engaged in memorizing the Qur'an under five instructors. Flower beds adorn the front space of the rectangular-shaped building. The small children wearing caps and reciting Qur'an present a marvelous sight. The most beautiful building, however, is the library block situated on the mid-western part of the campus. The library houses about 7,000 books and it subscribes to 15 periodicals, mostly Arabic. There is also an audio cassette hiring facility. The old hostel, which is on the left side after the entrance has four lengthy halls, two on either side separated by a passage. These halls are used as dormitories. Two halls have cot facility. The long dining hall (mess) which is internally connected to this has a kitchen. There are also four big hostel rooms. There is an arrangement for about 200-250 student's accommodation in the Jamia. The staff quarter are on the western side. A guest house made of bricks was recently constructed and is fully furnished.


When the Anjuman-Hami-e-Muslimeen, the pioneering education trust at Bhatkal was twenty years old, Bhatkal saw the birth of yet another trust which embarked upon its soil to fulfill the needs of the Kannada speaking people. The trust which came to known as the `Bhatkal Education Trust' was founded in 1939. The fruitful efforts of Messrs.. Vaman Nayak and Vaman Shanbagh yielded results. And persons like the late Nagappa Naik, Hanumanth, V. Shanbagh and Pandurang Nayak later helped it to blaze a new trail. Mr. R.G. Kole, an industrialist asserts that the Bhatkal Education Trust was formerly a public trust. Only one institute - the New English High School, at Bunder Road is being managed by this Trust. The first S.S.L.C. batch came out in 1954. The New English High School is one of the well-maintained high schools of the district. The school has around 700 students on its rolls. The ground floor building has a decent appearance with a spacious and well-laid front garden. English medium section was introduced from the year 1987-88. The school's excellent academic performance over the years has brought fame to this high school. 23 full-time staff and 11 part- timers constitute the teaching faculty with Mr. L.K. Moger as the headmaster.    

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Our sincere thanks to Mr. Aftab Kola , Editor Bhatkal Times for the above article