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Anjuman Celebrates Eighty Years of Existence

Bhatkal : The Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen, Bhatkal, was founded in 1919, and since then has gone from strength to strength. In the eighty years since it came into existence, the society has been able to establish and run numerous educational institutions.

Bhatkal is a little town on the West Coast, in Karnataka, India. A group of Muslims known as the Navayaths living in this area can trace their ancestry to Arab traders who had visited the area around 712 AD. As a result of the intermarriage of these Arab traders with the local population, the Navayaths came into existence. The Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen has put a lot of effort in developing educational institutions in Bhatkal, and has done so without distinction of caste, creed or community.

The society is at present managing 15 institutions, including professional colleges of engineering and management. These 15 institutions have a total enrolment of over 6,000 students. The society regards the Anjuman College of Engineering as its crowning achievement, because it attracts students from all corners of India. It has a state-of-the-art computer centre. The Anjuman Art, Science and Commerce College, the Islamia Anglo-Urdu High School and the Anjuman Girls’ High School have distinguished themselves as institutions that provide quality education for boys and girls.

The society is now making preparations for the celebration of its eighty years of existence “in a big way,” according to its Gen secretary Mr. Zafer Ali Muallim. These celebrations will start at the beginning of May and are expected to continue till September 2000. Among the highlights of the celebrations would be an All-India Muslim Education Conference, scheduled to be held in Bhatkal, and in which a number of scholars and educationists from various parts of the subcontinent are expected to participate.

The main topic of discussion would be the status of education among Muslims, and it is expected that relevant recommendations would accordingly be made.

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Bhatkal Muslims Protest over play portraying Prophet The Muslims of coastal town of Bhatkal took out a massive procession in the town on December 17 protesting against a Kannada play in a missionary run school in which a student acted as the Prophet. The play was staged on December 6 by the Anand Ashram Convent School where nearly 900 Muslim students are on the rolls. The procession organised by Majlis Islah-o- Tanzeem, the representative of the town’s Muslims, presented a memorandum to the civic and police authorities. Nearly 700 students were also taken off the rolls of the school by the angry parents who are making alternative arrangements for the coaching of the students. A delegation of the Bhatkal Muslims which visited Bangalore led by Maulana Ilyas Nadwi informed that the school had though tendered an apology and is requesting the community to return the students, but Muslims have rejected their apology. He said of the 5,000 Muslim students in the small town, nearly 1000 were currently studying in missionary schools in Bhatkal. But the recent events have suggested that the missionary schools were resorting to defaming the Islam.                                                                                                                                                         A Life Full of Laurels Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

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Maulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi the well known scholar, thinker, writer and historian passed away on Friday, 23 Ramadhan (31, December 1999), and was criminated the same night. Popularly known as Ali Mian, Mualana Nadwi was born in 1914 in a village near Rae Bareli of India’s Uttar Pradesh state. His father, Maulana Syed Abdul Hai, was a great Islamic scholar of his time . Maulana Ali Mian was only nine when his father died. His mother and brother raised him up. In his youth, Maulana Ali Mian was a student of Allama Sulaiman Nadwi, an Islamic luminary of his time. He studied Arabic language and literature from Sheikh Khaleel bin Mohammed bin Husain Yemeni and Taquiddin Hilali. Among the innumerable positions he held, he was the rector of Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama , Lucknow, and President of all India Muslim ersonal Law Board and Darul Musannifeen, Azamgarh. He was the founding member of the Islamic University, Madinah Al-Munawwarah and Muslim World League, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, president of the Islamic Centre of Oxford University and as well as consulting Editor of Britain’s Journal of Islamic Studies. Maulana had travelled extensively all over the world for the cause of Islam. In 1990, Maulana Ali Mian was conferred with Saudi Arabia’s prestigious King Faisal award in recognition of his services to Islam. He set an example when he donated the entire amount to Afghan jehad and to two Islamic institutions of Makkah. He received the prestigious award from the Govt of Dubai being the Islamic personality of the year. Maulana Ali Mian had written more than 100 books in Urdu and Arabic, many of which have been translated in English, French, Turkish, Malayalam and some other languages. 

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